Closure: What we all need, want, but rarely receive

Closure: What we all need, want, but rarely receive I remember my first failed marriage. I was about 21 when I got married the first time and divorced with children by 26. The pain and hurt left me a dark place both mentally and spiritually. Over time, I mustered up the courage to forgive myself, forgive @T.Y. Hilton Kids Jersey my ex, ask forgiveness from God himself and seek the help necessary to close this part of my life. I needed and process the help me move past this place. Here are three steps that may help you close the door and move forward victoriously. Christian have three levels of closures

1. Closure with the offender= Forgive and release them It is important that you forgive the person who are offended you. It also important that you handle your process @Demarcus Lawrence Jersey and the person with care. If you are still angry it best that you allow the anger @Demarcus Lawrence Authentic Jersey to pass before you address the matter of closure. “Cooler heads will prevail”

2. Closure with yourself=Forgive and release yourself This may be the hardest step, forgiving and releasing yourself. How well you release the things you have done, will determine how well you receive the next thing in this life. So let go, heal, release and forgive yourself.

3. Closure with God. = Forgive and release it God, and never pick the pain or matter up again. This step is simple and hard at the same time. It is removing your personal grip to allow God’s grace to creep in and take over the matter. We want vengeance and desire that others feel ours  pain, however when you pain released it is really your gain obtained.


4. Seek the help of counselor, which can assist you throughout the process. You don’t have to go through the process of closure alone, please seek the help you need if things become too much for you to process.


Derrick Hammonds mission is to love loudly, to give abundantly and life intentionally for Christ. My hope is to assist leaders in life and ministry. This blog will focus on Servant Leadership, Inspiration and my passion for life. I currently reside in Dallas, TX with my beautiful wife Aisha.  We have four children Eboni, Zhion, Zaria and Arya

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