10 Things we should be passionate about during Holy Week

Lesson about Holy Week: 10 Things we should be passionate about during Holy Week

Holy Week is a very important time Christians. During this time we renew our faith by connecting with family and celebrating all the things that Jesus did and completed on earth. It is my hope to provide 10 things that we should be passionate about as Christian Believers during Holy Week.

1. Holy Week is about Jesus experiencing betrayal on earth ( Last supper)
2. Holy Week about giving and sacrifice.
3. Holy Week marks the final steps of Jesus Christ made into Jerusalem.
4. Holy @T.Y. Hilton Authentic Jersey Week is being committed to a cause while others may not be.
5. Holy Week is about being connected to a community and commemorating all that Jesus endured for all humanity
6. Holy Week is reflective time period for believers. While it is an unbarring experience it also a time to celebrate and honor our Risen Savior.
7. Holy Week is a time to renew our disciplines ( prayer, fasting, worship) and honor our traditions
8. Holy Week should unify as one body
9. Holy Week is a time to worship as a family.
10. Holy Week is about sharing the Gospel message of Christ through service @T.Y. Hilton Womens Jersey and love, bearing witness @T.Y. Hilton Youth Jersey to his resurrection.

These ten things should shed light on what we do as Disciples of Christ. It should also give other religions and cultures an awareness of what we do and why we do it. Please excuse the eggs and baskets we added that after fact.

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