Battle of the Minds: Eight things I learned from Michael Eric Dyson article about Cornell West

Recently I read the article written by @Emmitt Smith Youth Jersey href=””>Dr . Micheal Eric Dyson entitled : The Ghost of Cornell West.”

This riveting piece was a harsh criticism directed toward Cornell West. While I am not against criticism or holding one accountable for their words and actions, I was left with thought: could this have been done differently and if so, what would be the lesson from it? So I took the time to write out 8 things that I gleaned from this article.

1. You will be held responsible of the words you speak and how you treat people who are close to you.
2.Sometimes as leaders we have to be called out on the carpet by our mentee. They would be good people to accept criticism from.
3. We must have a universal respect for leaders. While we may criticize what they do and how they do it, respect is a principal thing.
4. Accountability is applied to all parties
5. Light is reflective and applied. In the words of Pastor George Waddles, Jr, “The search for spotlight betray us all”.
6. Matters like this must be handled biblically. Matt 18 gives us a clear description as to how we should handle @Emmitt Smith Kids Jersey conflict. The sole purpose of addressing a person is to restore and win them over for the sake of Christ.
7. Is the cause worth fighting for? What West and Dyson are fighting over is the voice of the middle class, however whose voice is louder, the presenter or the people?
8. That we as culture don’t really know how to properly disagree and maintain relationship.


As believers of Christ, we still have responsibility @Ezekiel Elliott Jersey to handle conflict with grace and respect.

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