Here We Go …McKinney

Here We Go …McKinney

By Oj Newborn

The challenge of social justice is to evoke a sense of community that we need to make our nation a better place, just as we make it a safer place.


 I am more appalled at the reaction of media outlets and message boards of the pool party incident more so @Aaron Rodgers Womens Jersey than the despicable behavior of one officer on a group of unarmed teens. This prevailing storyline is all too familiar and it seems like the citizens are to blame and not the cops…if you listen to the media. I am disgusted that the protesters are the ones blamed for “polarizing” the nation with all of this racial rigmarole that we see across our communities! I am disgusted that folks want to censor and control the behavior of protesters but not the police! I am disgusted that victims of this violence are vilified and the police officers are validated by their shield and record! I am disgusted that politicians and elected officials remain silent on these issues but have a lot to say during reelection time! I am disgusted that no one from the media will ask police chiefs, “what are YOU doing to change the perception @Aaron Rodgers Youth Jersey of the police and insert more sensitivity into officer training?” I am disgusted that FOX News is still considered a credible network!

I will admit it is rather difficult to pledge allegiance to a flag of a nation that doesn’t value or respect my life, liberty, and freedom as it does other citizens. The bottom line is…law enforcement profiles and handles races differently…this is not a blanket statement because the majority of the police force is fair, kind, and respectful…its just that their colleagues continue to promulgate bad press at the expense of their silence! We need more community policing…and not just interact ion with officers during a traffic stop or altercation. This will help to breakdown socioeconomic barriers and racial stereotypes in the community. We need social activists, parents, and clergy to help instill a sense of responsibility and accountability in politicians and elected leaders and those who serve the citizenry. Those who have a platform and access….and who voice carries…must stand at the forefront on these issues and demand justice be done!
email picOJ Newburn Sr. operates as the Senior Pastor of the Warren Hill Baptist Church in North Little Rock, AR. This blog is @Aaron Rodgers Kids Jersey intended to exist as an outlet of expression on various current events and topics and as a portal into my inner thoughts which will enable me to sort out and release God’s revelation and truth with clarity and acuity.

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