Toxic Leadership

Toxic Leadership

By Matthew Nickens

I have studied and observed leadership from nearly every conceivable vantage point over the last 25-30 years. Every example from standard military, ministry organizations to corporate world representations. While I have been impressed with several stellar examples, I have more often than nought witnessed and experienced the grievance of Toxic Leadership.

Here are Five ways I’ve discovered how to identify toxicity in leadership.

Toxic Leadership:

  1. Makes frequent references to the distress that @Jaylon Smith Youth Jersey they tolerated as a follower. (“So suck it up like I did”)
  2. Display disappointment in the fact that you are offended at their insolence.
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  4. Lacks the ability to respectively reason with subordinates that disagree with them.
  5. Is just as or more sensitive to discourteous behavior towards themselves as those they expect to be bullet proof under their brash antics.
  6. Behaves as if their position grants them the right and privilege to be impetuous to their subordinates.

Toxic leadership is one of the greatest reasons for organizational negativity and disunity.

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